A little bit

A little bit kinder to someone weaker
A little more helpful to someone in need
A little bit easier about giving
A little bit quicker to do a good  deed
A little bit milder in times of anger
A little bit firmer in speaking the truth
A little bit more open to those around you
These are traits of YOUTH
– Jean Kyler McManus

Guide Handbook on CD

I am so glad that I choose to buy the Guide Handbook on CD rather then the book.  When I put in the order for my uniform I bought both the CD for myself and the physical book for my daughter.  I originally choose the cd based solely on price.  But having the pdf has been very convenient.  There are two pdf versions on the cd, one formatted for use on a PC and one formatted for mobile devices.  Several times this year it has been very convenient to be able to copy and paste requirements into e-mails when were are corresponding with prospective guests.

All that said, I find I really miss the old Guider’s Handbooks.  I find putting specific program suggestions in the Guide Handbook clutters it up.  I don’t know why there isn’t a handbook for Guide Guiders when there is one for all other branches (except Rangers).

Chemistry Badge

My daughter loves STEM activities and has made it a personal goal to complete all the Science & Technology badges.  I put together this Chemistry Badge worksheet for her and a few friends to work though.  However, you could easily do it as a unit with a round robin of activities.  If you did it as a bridging activity with Brownies you could drop one station.

Most of the materials you need to can be obtained from a grocery store (or your own pantry/laundry room).  The only special purchase was the pH paper.  I got 100 tabs for $4.


The Bear


You need some way to indicate the bears den.  A blanket or  some pylons.  You may also need some extra pylons to set some boundaries for the play area.


The Bear’s den is in the middle of the play area.

One player is picked a the Big Bear (if playing with more then 20 girls you may want to start with two bears)


Big Bear goes into her den.  Others move about the field.

Suddenly Big Bear shouts from his den “The bear is coming”

She runs out of her den with her hand together and tries to touch a player with her locked hands.

As soon as she succeeds, the player becomes a bear and they return to the den. The two bears join hands and one of them announces, “The bears are coming!”  They must hold hands, chase and catch a player with their free hands.  They must always keep together.

Repeat until all are caught.

Recommendation: when there are more then three bears, split into two bear groups so that there aren’t more then three girls running chained together.

Just Do It — And Smile

What good did it do – to be grouchy today?
Did your surliness drive any troubles away?
Did you cover more ground then you usually do?
Because of the grouch that you carried with you?
If not, what’s the use of a grouch or a frown?
If it doesn’t smooth a path or a grind trouble down?
If it doesn’t assist you it isn’t worth while,
Your work may be hard, but just do it — AND SMILE!
– Author Unknown

Campfire Openings

A couple of my Guides were working on their Campfire Leader badge and showed me their proposed list of songs for feedback.  The first song on the list was Fire’s Burning.  Now I have nothing against Fire’s Burning, it is a fine song.  But it is over used.  There are so many wonderful Campfire Opening songs.  I suggested the girls consider something else to open their campfire with and they actually said “there are other campfire openings???”

Here are four of my favorite not-Fire’s-Burning campfire openings.

Tall Trees (tune)

Tall trees that reach the sky
Mountains and lakes nearby
Draw near, my friends, come sing, my friends
Our campfire time is nigh.


Sussex Campfire Opening (tune)

Come, come, light up the fire.
Come, come, join in the ring.
Here find dreams to inspire, stories to tell, music to sing.


Rise Up, Oh Flame (tune)

Rise up, oh Flame
By the light glowing
Show to us beauty vision, and joy


Australian Campfire Opening (tune)

Sit round the campfire, now night is here
All birds are resting, no one is near
Clap with your hands and tap with your feet, now
Sway oh so gently, keep with the beat
Oh-oh-oh-i-i, Oh-oh-oh-i
Oh-oh-oh-i-i, Oh-oh-oh-I