Nature Riddle Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt can be played either around a campsite or as a break on a hike.  You can either have the girls show a scorer the items in place or take their word they found them depending on the group dynamics.


  1. King of the jungle, he’s the greatest
  2. My uncle’s wife
  3. An old-fashioned pen
  4. Something you drink though plus a berry
  5. I always point north
  6. What a dog does
  7. I bring good luck
  8. part of a book
  9. What traditional skirts are made of on South Pacific Islands
  10. popular music group
  11. Part of a knife
  12. You put ice cream in one
  13. You uses me to make bread
  14. Something used for knitting
  15. What you do to put a baby to sleep
  16. What fish need to live.
  17. A ship’s book
  18. Miss Muffet’s companion
  19. A very skinny model
  20. A planet
  21. A quilting or spelling event
  22. What Smurfs live in
  23. A yellow spear
  24. Dairy product plus something you pull form the garden.


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Under the Sea Camp

A Spark or Brownie Camp

Patrol Names: Sea Horses, Star Fish, Dolphins etc.

Program: This theme pairs well with the Our Shared Planet theme or the Animal Helper badge. It also can fit in well with the Ocean Aware, WAGGGS/UN Ocean Challenge, or Aquatic Ambassador challenges if you have older girls along.

Opening: Give each girl a shell for their camp hat. You can make these by gluing a loop of wool to a shell with hot glue. Tell them that this is a magic shell that enables those who live under the sea to walk on land while exploring. When they are in their tent or the building they are under water but when they are outside they need their hats. Play Fishing for camp rules




  • Go on a hike to pirate treasure down a trail marked with pasta shells
  • If your camp has the facilities go swimming



Fishing for Camp Rules


Cut colourful fish out of construction paper and attach a paper clip to the mouth of each one. Ideally, you’d have one fish for each girl at camp. On the body of each fish write one of the rules for your camp. Make a fishing pole from a stick, string and magnet.

At Camp:

Have the girls take turns fishing for the rules. You may want to have them sit in a blow up boat or have the fish in a “pond”. After each fish is retrieved, discuss the rule with everyone and tape it to a wall to create a colourful reminder of the rules.

Beaded Fish Craft


  • 42 6mm dazzle beads in either the same or similar colours
  • 1 6mm dazzle bead in a contrasting colour (for the eye)
  • fine craft wire


  1. String two beads on the wire for row one. They should be near the middle of the wire.
  2. String four more beads on one side of the wire and then pass the other side of the wire though the beds so they hold tight to the first row.
  3. For the third row, include the contrasting bead for the eye as one of the four beads.
  4. Continue in this manner for the following rows: r4 = 6 beads, r5 = 5 beads, r6 = 4 beads, r7 = 3 beads, r8 = 2 beads, r9 = 3 beads, r10 = 4 beads, r11 = 5 beads.
  5. Tie off wires and snip.

Something Fishy

Divide the group into teams. Each team is a fishing boat and its members are fish and anglers. The fist person is the fish. While the second is the angler. The angler holds the “line” (a stick with a string attached), while the fish takes the loose end of the string. On GO the fish runs to a designated point, stops, turns to face the boat and the angler reels her in. The angler then becomes the fish, while the third person on the team becomes the new angler. The object of the game is to land all the fish before the other teams. When finished, the team sits in a straight line, holding the shoulders of the person in front so they won’t tip the boat.

Braided Octopus


  • 1 Styrofoam ball
  • 24 strands of heavy craft yarn. The length depends on the size of the Styrofoam ball you uses.
  • A couple of scraps of yarn
  • 2 googly eyes


  1. Tie the yarn together at the top.
  2. Spread the yarn around the ball so the ball is covered.
  3. Tie again underneath the ball.
  4. Separate the yarn into eight groups of three.
  5. Braid each group into legs.
  6. Glue eyes onto the yarn covered ball.