2020 has been a tough year for many.  In response WAGGGS has released the #POSITIVITYPATROL challenge.  This is a social media based leadership challenge where the members are asked to spread some positivity in the world.

It consists of 10 weeks of activities.  The complete challenge can be downloaded here: #positivitypatrol

Each week WAGGGS is releasing digital assesst to spruce up your social media posts here: https://www.wagggs.org/en/what-we-do/for-her-digital-world/10-week-leadership-challenge-positivitypatrol/

The social media assests are currently on week 5 but I see no reason someone couldn’t start from week one now.

Crests are currently available from the WAGGGS shop.

Thinking Day ’21 Submissions

Until June 21st, WAGGGS is accepting suggestions for activities for the next Thinking Day challenge.

Next years theme is peacebuilders and they are looking for activities in the following categories

• Teambuilding – e.g. strengthening a team, forming a team, appreciating differences
• Collaboration – e.g. working with new people, icebreakers, problem solving
• Connecting with nature – e.g. learning about nature, exploring your local environment, reflections
with nature
• Active games – e.g. running/racing/chasing games, musical games, role play game
• Learning new concepts – e.g. memory activities, repetition activities, role play

I’m looking forward to seeing how this changes the challenge for next year.  Hopefully it will mean some great new ideas.

The complete criteria can be found here and the online submission form is here.

Taking Action against Vaping

Remember last fall when the biggest health story was lung disease caused by vaping?

My Rangers were going to do an education campaign with buttons for the Guides and Pathfinders in our neighbourhood (as they thought their peers were beyond reach) but that was canceled along with everything else. We did manage to create this meme.

One of my Co-Guider works in public health and she brought information in for the Rangers. The intention of the campaign was not to target those who are trying to quite smoking or looking for reduced harm options but peers of our Rangers who have never smoked but do uses vapes.  Many of the Rangers saw this as a real problem in their schools and were very concerned about the health consequences for their friends.

Pollinators At Home Meeting

Some of the information in this weeks at home meeting is a GTA (greater Toronto Area) specific.  If you want to adapt these activities for your own Pathfinders and Rangers you may need to find some local resources to suggest.


Did you know we live in/near a butterflyway? What does that mean? How can we help?


Learn about and lend a hand to the pollinators around your home.



The Bees

What’s Cooking – Online Meeting Idea

This was a girl driven meeting as many of my Pathfinders and Rangers have been spending more time in their families kitchens lately.


“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child


We started the meeting with a kitchen tools quiz.  Depending on the size and make up of your group you could either have them call out the name or uses of each item or write it down and then compare at the end.  I just raided my own kitchen for the items and tried to find a mix of common and more obscure items.  The answers are in the speaker notes.

Then we gave the girls time to share their kitchen adventures and horror stories, recipes and photos.


Finally we challenged each girl to try something new in the kitchen this week such as learning an old family recipe, try food from a culture that they were unfamiliar with or trying something from a cook book or food show that used a technique they’d not tried before.