Alfred & Shadow

Here are two cute short films about serious issues


Plastic Free Challenge

The Plastic Free Challenge is a new Challenge from Nova Scotia.  The focus is to teach girls about the problems associated with single use plastic items and get them to think about long term solutions.  There is a separate list of activities for each branch but each branch has to do an opening and closing activity and then one activity from each activity area: At Home, In the Community and In Nature.

This challenge would pair well with a shoreline cleanup service project.

Happy 30th Birthday Sparks!

The Spark program turns 30 in 2019.  To celebrate the national store is caring retro Spark uniform shirts (in youth and adult) as well as pins and crests that look like the retro shirt.  So far as I’m aware there are no plans for a challenge and the crests are just for fun, but you could easily invent a challenge for your unit.

  • Have girls who were Sparks tell those who weren’t what they remember about Sparks.  What did they like or didn’t like?
  • Look at other things that happened in your community 30 years ago.  What else has changed or stayed the same.
  • Invite someone who was a Spark or Spark Guider 30 years ago to come to your unit and talk about when Sparks where just “a program for 5 year olds”
  • Or perhaps do some bridging with a near by Sparks unit and have the older girls plan  a 30th Birthday party for them.

Either way, our youngest girls have something to celebrate, 30 years of promising to share and be a friend!