Sing It Loud

It can be hard to find good resources for learning new songs.  Girl Guides use to publish a number of song books and you can still find them in the back of unit cupboards or at Guider swaps.  I gather that the cost of the publishing rights has gotten too high though.

National recently released a pdf called Sing it Loud! A Girl Guides Song Collection.  It is a collection of song lyrics for Girl Guide units.  While this doesn’t help you to learn the tune in the first place, it may remind you of the words to a song you learned years ago.  Or give you a starting place to ask a music trainer to teach you a song.  I know a lot of Girl Guide songs but I am unfamiliar with many of the songs in this collection.  Just goes to show how many songs we sing around campfires across the country.

Meeting in a Box: Inventing

I will admit I’ve looked at the inventing badge a number of times but I could just never see a way to make it fun for the girls.  In the book the badge looks so dry.  Then I came across this meeting from Quebec’s collection of Meetings in a Box on Inventing.  So much more fun then anything I would have come up with on my own.  This is why I value instant meetings so much.

Additional fun ideas for this badge can be found on blog of the Caledonia Girl Guides.

Beatrix Potter 150 Challenge

2016 also marks the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter. This is another opportunity to tie Words in Action to a literary themed camp or meeting. Girlguiding North West England has developed a challenge in co-operation with Penguin Random House and The National Trust. There are different activities for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides/Senior Section.

I don’t know if the Girlguiding North West England office will ship internationally.  But the ideas are valid no matter where fans of Beatrix Potter dwell.

Invent your Own Game

The only permanent rule in Calvinball is that you can never play it the same way twice!
—Calvin, Calvin and Hobbes

In the comic Calvin and Hobbes, the pair were often seen playing Calvinball.  A game in which a variety of sporting equipment was used and the rules were never the same twice.  You can reproduce this in your unit.  This is ideally done in a big space.  Give each patrol a selection of sporting equipment such as balls, hoops, skipping ropes, rackets etc.  Give each patrol 15 min to agree to some rules for their game and then another 15 min to try their game out.  Then have them share with the unit what went well and what they would change if they were to play again.

Is it a meteorite?

If you are not familiar with the comic xkcd, the author, Randall Munroe, often looks at STEM subjects though a lenses of humour.  Before he wrote comics he worked on robots for NASA so the science is accurate and the comics are often funny.  This recent one points out how hard it is to actually find a meteorite if you are out looking at rocks.

But Mr. Munroe also linked to this more serious flow charts showing exactly how hard it is to find an actual meteorite.

This might be a fun chart to take on a hike or to camp.

Meeting-in-a-Box: Gender and Sexuality

Last year Girl Guides introduced Guidelines for Transgender Members.  As one of the follow ups to this new policy, Quebec Girl Guides have produced meeting in a box on Gender and Sexuality issues.  It is aimed at Guides and Pathfinders.  The MiaB contains a great number of well thought out activities to get girls thinking about and talking about these issues.  There is actually enough material for several meetings so you can pick and choose which ones to do.  There is also a nice index showing what program areas are covered by each activity.

I’d defiantly present it as a meeting idea if I were working with a Pathfinder unit.  For Guides I think it could work with a unit more mature then my current one.

Meeting-in-a-Box: Gender and Sexuality