Pass the Coin

I learned this game from the 2018 Thinking Day challenge from WAGGGS. Our girls had a great time playing.  We ended up splitting the group into four teams and had them play at opposite ends of the room.  Then after a few rounds we swapped which teams were playing against each other so they could try their strategies on different opponents.

This game requires concentration, communication, strategy and powers of observation. Split your group into two teams. Have the teams sit in two parallel lines facing each other about a metre apart.
Each line receives a coin which is passed or appears to be passed down the line. Each person can pass the coin or just appear to pass it on. Hands must be kept in front of the body.
Both lines pass at the same time. The participants should be watching the other team, not their own, to see if they can figure out where the coin stops.
When the passing reaches the ends of the lines, each group huddles to choose who on the other team has the coin. Then ask the teams to come back and sit in their original lines. The head of the line gets up and goes to the end of the line and this repeats until everyone has a chance to lead the line.


Guiding Treasures – Multi-branch advancement

Props:  You need a “treasure box” and treasures in all the Guiding colours.  I was able to find different gem stones at a dollar store.  It just so happened that the clear gems had fake pearls mixed in.  The is also a great opportunity to “bling up” anything you are handing out to the girls.


Have all the girls line up by unit in the hall.


Sparks come into gym, sing their opening song and then sit to one side.

Brownies enter gym, sing their opening song and sit next to Sparks.

Guides and Pathfinders enter the gym, sing their opening song and then sit next to the Brownies.

Speaker 1: Welcomes Parents and any other Special Guests.

Treasure Chest Ceremony

Speaker 1: Girl Guides are a little bit like treasure boxes. As girls progress up though the branches of Guiding they collect treasured memories and new skills that they will value their whole life though.

Speaker 1 places the treasure box on the table and opens it.

Speaker 2 (Spark Guider): Our youngest girls are the ones in pink. Sparks treasure friendship, fun, excitement, sharing and discovery.

Some Sparks put the pink gems in the treasure box.

Speaker 3 (Brownie Guider):  Next in line are the girls in brown.  Brownies treasure adventures, new skills, fair play, a helping hand and a Brownie smile.

Some Brownies put the brown gems in the treasure box.

Speaker 4 (Guide Guider): After Brownies, we have our girls in blue.  Guides treasure challenges, teamwork, thoughtfulness and being prepared.

Some Guides put the blue gems in the treasure box.

Speaker 5 (Pathfinder Guider):  The girls in green are after Guides.  Pathfinders treasure adventure, making choices, laughter and flexibility.

Some Pathfinders put the green gems in the treasure box.

Speaker 6 (Ranger Guider): Our oldest girls are the ones in red.  Rangers treasure leadership, travel, independence and volunteering.

Rangers put red gems in the treasure box.

Speaker 1:  Our final precious gems are the Leaders who volunteer in each unit.  They bring with them creativity, patience, dedication and pearls of wisdom.

Put clear gems and pearls in treasure box.

Adult Awards

If there are adult awards or special thank you gifts they can be awarded here


Sparks move to Advancement Area with their leader.  Brownies move to Receiving Area with their leaders. Spark leaders say goodbye to Second year Sparks.  Sparks advance down path.

Brownies move to Advancement Area with their leader.  Guides move to Receiving Area with their leaders. Brownie leaders say goodbye to Second year Brownies.  Brownies advance down path.

Guides move to Advancement Area with their leader. Pathfinders move to Receiving Area with their leaders.  Guides who have completed their Lady BP awards receive them. Guide leaders say goodbye to third year Guides.  Guides advance down path

Pathfinders move to Advancement Area.  Rangers move to Receiving Area. Pathfinders who have completed their Canada Cord receive them. Pathfinder leaders say goodbye to third year Pathfinders. Pathfinders advance to Rangers.

Rangers move to Advancement Area.  Have some extra leaders represent adult members. Rangers who have completed their gold award receive them. Rangers and their leaders say goodbye to third year Rangers. Rangers advance to Adults.

Everyone sings Make New Friends.


Spark closing song

Brownie closing song


snacks and have photo ops

Un-nature Hike

Before the hike along a short section of the trail place 10-20 items that don’t belong in nature.   As you approach that part of the trail, tell the girls what you’ve done and tell them that they should count how many they can see without saying anything.  After you pass though that part of the trail ask the girls to name as many as they can remember.

Time Capsules

I’ve been looking for a way to make time capsules with my Guides.  I had trouble wrapping my mind around this one.  If we made one and opened it years later it wouldn’t really be very interesting for the girls who were then part of the unit.  So I wanted to make it personal.  Something the girls could take home and keep until it made sense to open them.  I came across this file for a similar project for Cub Scouts.

So I made up a written time capsule for my Guides.  Each girl was given an envelope to decorate.  We asked each girl to pick a date in the future she thought would be meaningful to open their envelope on.

Download Time Capsule 

Earth Day Instant Meeting

The next Make a Difference Day on the schedule in Earth Day.   National has released an instant meeting for those looking to mark it with their unit.

You can find the instant meetings here.  There are separate meetings for each branch.  Each meeting has an opening and closing activity and activities under two themes: “Healthy Earth, Healthy Us” and “Share and Protect”.