Bullet Journaling

My Rangers and I had a fun meeting exploring bullet Journaling.  Basically bullet journaling is an system of keeping a journal to keep track of your life.  It can be very minimal or more artistic with lots of doodles or scrapbooking touches. For our meeting, each Ranger brought a notebook and pen.  They were encouraged to also bring some markers, stickers etc if available.  We went over the basic of creating a bullet journal and then they all created a key, future log and weekly log. Each of the Rangers expressed great ideas about how they could see themselves using a journal like this.

Here are a couple of videos to get started.

Vote Up

Here is another handy website for make virtual meetings more interactive.  It is called Vote Up and it allows you to make quick polls to make group decisions.  It is available as either a mobile app or a webpage.  When you create a poll you ask a single question.  The answers can either be a yes or no option or a sliding scale from 1-100 so participants can rank their answers.  

World Centers International Adventure Activity Pack

If you would like to plan a trip to a World Centre or just pretend to plan a trip, the World Centers International Adventure Pack from WAGGGS may be helpful.  It is full of activities to help girls discuss where they’d like to travel.  What they’d like to do when there.  How to budget for the trip.  And walks you though the planning process starting 1-2 years from your intended travel date until you leave for your adventure.

Virtual Enrolements

Enrolements at Rangers tend not to be the elaborate affairs they were with the younger branches but it is still great to make them memorable. In the past I’ve often strived to find a memorable place to conduct the enrolement. But the pandemic made that difficult.

I delivered this mysterious paper bag to new Ranger’s house the Friday before our meeting. Inside was a red and silver holiday cracker from the dollar store. I had carefully emptied out part of the content and added in her enrolement pin and a “I’m a Ranger Now” crest. I left the silly paper hat, because… well…silly paper hats. It was well received when we told her she could open the bag at the beginning of our online meeting. She and her sister (who is also a Ranger in our unit) opened the cracker together. It was great. Honestly this was an inexpensive, easy but fun way to enroll someone during a virtual meeting.

What has your unit done this year to celebrate enrolement?


This is an idea that came from one of my Rangers.  We’d scheduled a movie night before we had to switch to virtual only.  If all of your unit subscribe to a common movie streaming service you can uses the Teleparty browser extension (on Chrome or Edge) to synchronize the movie or show and add a chat box down one side of the screen so you can discuss the movie while you watch.  It is a little tricky to get set up as you have to have everyone download the extension.  But once you get it going it works really well.  

We used it to watch the Netflix movie Dumplin’. as part of our work on the Being You theme.  The movie has some great themes for discussion such as body size, confidence, friendship and changing the system.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs are all the rage this year on social media. While I suspect unless one of the Guiders is an experienced chocolatier, they won’t turn out as nicely as in the video, it would be a fun project to try with Rangers. Probably not until social distancing is done with though.

Edited to add: there was a discussion on Facebook about chocolate bombs this week and one idea that was put forth for younger (or at home) girls is to uses Kinder Eggs as a base.  They are quite easy to split on the seam. Then they can be filled with hot chocolate powder, marshmallows etc and resealed.